7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (2024)

If you spend more time trying to find a particular recipe than you do actually cooking it, don't miss this post! Check out 7 great ways to organize your recipe collection here.

Jill Nystul·March 4, 2020

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (2)

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (3)

Keeping things organized can be tricky for me at the best of times (I’ll go ahead and blame ADHD for that one!), and that’s especially apparent when it comes to my recipe collection! It barely even qualifies as a collection because it exists in so many different places.

I have recipes from magazines on my fridge, printed recipes in my office, digital recipes that I’ve pinned on Pinterest, handwritten cards in an old recipe book… and that’s just off the top of my head! Organizing my recipe collection has been on my to-do list for a long time now, and I’m finally ready to do something about it! :-)

So today, both for my own benefit and hopefully yours too, I’ll be sharing 7 ideas for ways to organize your recipes. From binders to boxes to journals and beyond, you’re sure to find the right fit for you in the list below!

7 Of The Best Ways To Organize Your Recipes

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (4)

1. Recipe Binder

Keep it simple-yet-stylish with this recipe binder set! The binder comes with recipe cards, page protectors, and tabbed dividers included, so all you have to do is copy over your recipes and arrange them to your liking!

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (5)

2. Recipe Tin

Interested in a storage solution that’s cute enough to keep out on the counter? Look no further than this adorable recipe tin!

Along with the tin, you’ll also get blank recipe cards in a matching style, plus tabbed dividers that will help you organize your collection into categories.

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (6)

3. Recipe Journal

If you enjoy journaling, then check out this recipe journal! At around 7 x 9”, it’s not too big or too small, and offers enough pages for you to record up to 100 different recipes!

One thing that sets this journal apart is the format of the recipe pages. Each one has spots to jot down a star rating, difficulty, servings, notes, and more! If you are the type who likes to annotate your recipes, this is a great option for you.

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (7)

4. Accordion File

If you’re more interested in organization than aesthetics, or don’t want to copy your recipes out by hand, then check out this recipe accordion file. The tab dividers are already labeled with different food categories, so all you need to do is sort your recipes into it!

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This is a great option if your recipes are in a variety of formats, like magazine pages, printed recipes, handwritten notes, etc.

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (9)

5. Leather Binder

This binder offers similar features to the one I mentioned as #1 in this list, but the leatherette cover makes it a bit more gift-worthy. You’ll still get recipe cards, page protectors, and tabbed dividers with this one too!

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (10)

6. DIY Binder

Both our production manager Brittany and our photographer Kaitlyn use a binder to keep their recipes organized, but with a DIY twist! They print recipes they find online, slip them into sheet protectors, and put them in a simple 3-ring binder outfitted with tab dividers.

Brittany also mentioned that the sheet protectors are great at protecting her recipes from spills and splatters! If she spills anything on them, they are easy to wipe clean.

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (11)

7. Prepear

The last option I wanted to highlight is an app called Prepear, which I only learned about very recently! It has all the bells and whistles you could hope for, including the ability to save recipes from anywhere, upload your old favorites, and organize them to your liking in your own digital cookbook.

With Prepear, you can also plan your meals for the week AND it will make a shopping list for you based on the recipes you’ve chosen! (And don’t worry, you can add anything else you need to buy to that shopping list too, eliminating the hassle of having multiple shopping lists.)

7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (12)

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[bonus_tips]Bonus Tip: Take Photos Of Your Most Treasured Recipes!

  • Unfortunately, my mom’s box of handwritten recipe cards went missing sometime during her most recent move.
  • Even though many of the actual recipes had been copied down by me and my siblings in other places, we felt devastated by the loss of her handwritten cards.
  • That’s why I highly recommend scanning or photographing your most treasured recipes, especially the handwritten ones!
  • Back up those files somewhere safe, just in case the real ones ever get lost.


How do you organize your recipes?

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7 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Recipes (2024)
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