10 Gluten-Free Chocolate Chia Cake Recipes - Eatability (2024)

When it comes to sweet treats, chocolate cake is unrivalled in our minds. However, if you suffer from gluten allergies, then you might struggle to find an off-the-shelf cake that is suitable for your dietary needs.

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But one way around this is to start baking cakes yourself.

This is not only a great way to ensure that gluten doesn’t find its way into your cake, but it is also gives you the control to adapt recipes. After all, you can turn a cake recipes into cupcake or muffins with a bit of imagination.

Chia is a great source of protein and pairs well with chocolate. So let’s have a look at some of the top recipes for gluten-free chocolate and chia cake to see if any appeal to your tastes.

Chocolate Chia Seed Cake

Opening our gluten-free chocolate chia cake recipes is this winner. Packed with chia seeds and chocolate, this is a delicious cake that is rich in natural sugars and contains absolutely no processed ingredients.

This cake has all the moisture of a regular chocolate cake but without gluten. Hooray!

All you need is a cup or so of chia seeds that have been soaked in water to form a chia gel.

To add some crunch, you could sprinkle on some cacao nibs.

All you have to do is whisk this one by hand and you will have a mixture that will be ready to stick in the oven. Another great thing about this recipe is how quickly it bakes.

And the result? Addictively gooey.

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Chocolate Chia Cake

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Next up we have a very simple cake that you can make with just a handful of organic ingredients. It takes a mere 20 minutes to prepare and is made using coconut oil instead of butter. So yes. It’s also vegan-friendly.

The result is a moist and tender cake that is perfect for a mid-morning tea break or dessert.

This is a great cake to make with your kids if you are struggling to keep them busy. The finished cake is perfectly fine simply dusted with cacao, but I like to let my kids rip with chocolate frosting. It’s guaranteed to entertain them for at least 15 minutes!

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Chia Seed Chocolate Cake

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Almond meal plays a starring role in this next bake. It’s a great alternative to regular flour as it contains absolutely no gluten whatsoever. This is obviously good news if you love eating chocolate cake, and want to avoid digestive issues afterwards.

Helpfully, this recipe also suggests ingredients that you can use if you’d prefer not to include butter. Coconut oil, olive oil and fresh cream can all be swapped for butter if you fancy.

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Chia Cake

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Continuing on with our gluten-free chocolate chia cake recipes we have an entrant that utilises black chia seeds. Again, these are soaked in water to make a sort of gel that helps to bind the whole cake together.

To do this, you soak the chia seeds in plenty of water. Once they are done soaking, drain off the excess liquid.

Next, place the chia seeds in a blender along with all the other ingredients and blend until smooth.

A good, reliable Blender is such a useful piece of kitchen equipment. You can whisk up batter, milkshakes, smoothies, soups and more in a Blender. For more information and prices, click here.

This cake is great to serve at a tea party. It is moist, rich and gooey. Perfect.

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Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake

We love the simplicity of a one bowl cake. And this vegan, gluten-free offering is just that.

In this recipe, chia seeds, vegan butter and banana combine to bind everything together. Almond flour again makes an appearance, but so does buckwheat flour. The addition of buckwheat enhances the nutty flavour of the finished cake.

Taking only 45 minutes from prep to baked (plus soaking time for the chai seeds), you can easily knock this treat out after lunch and be enjoying it by mid-afternoon.

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Chocolate Chia Seed Cake

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This fudgy, luxurious cake is another one bowl wonder. Better still – it’s both gluten-free and grain-free.

Rich and moist, the author recommends adding cranberries to the mix. We think the sharp/sweet hit of the fruit works really well to cut the deep chocolate hit of the sponge. Plus, cranberries have lots of health benefits, so what’s not to like?

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Rich Chocolate Chia Cake (Grain Free)

This is another recipe that’s fun to make with kids. After all, which child doesn’t love whisking everything together with an electric mixer?

Whether you’re looking for a Hand Electric Mixer, a Stand Mixer or a Stick Mixer, we’ve got you covered. Click here for further information and prices.

Make from chia sees, almond flour and a decent whack of dark chocolate (plus a handful of other ingredients), the sweetness comes from coconut sugar. Some people prefer this to regular, refined sugars, but be aware that it is high in fructose. This means that those who suffer from fructose malabsortion should, sadly, avoid it.

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Thermomix Recipe Chia Chocolate Cake

So many people have a Thermomix – or something similar – these days that we thought it good to include one of their recipes.

This gluten-free chocolate cake that contains a mixture of chia seeds, raw chocolate and butter, along with eggs, almond meal, coconut sugar, salt and bicarbonate of soda.

Again, this is a very simple recipes to follow and the resulting cake s truly addictive.

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Gluten-Free Chocolate, Apple And Chia Cake

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Next up, we have something a little different. This amazing chocolate and apple recipe will have you watering at the mouth.

But if you have gluten intolerances, then you don’t need to worry as this treat is made from rice flour and almond meal.

This features 4 ripe apples, which give this cake its moist texture and a fruity hint that balances the chocolate.

Interestingly, the icing is made from dates and cacao powder. Yum!

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Chia Pudding Cake (Vegan And Gluten-Free)

Finally, on our list of gluten-free chocolate chia cake recipes, we have one that is sure to turn heads. It’s a very pretty offering with a pink berry layer and makes it look more like a cheese cake than a chocolate one.

The combination of the granola-like, chocolatey base and the berry mousse topping are a match made in heaven.

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What Is Almond Meal?

Almond meal is simply almonds that have been ground up into a powder form. They come in many different sizes and types, depending on how they were processed.

You may want to buy almond meal online, where you can get it in bulk.

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Are Almonds Gluten-Free?

Yes, almonds are considered to be gluten-free. However, there are people who are allergic to nuts, and therefore cannot eat them.

If you fall into this category, then you should avoid buying almond meal.

How Do I Make My Own Almond Meal?

You can easily make your own almond meal using a blender. Simply grind up whole almonds until they become a fine powder. Then store the almond meal in airtight containers.

What Is The Best Chocolate For Chocolate Cake?

If you’re looking for the best chocolate for chocolate cake recipes, then you’ll want to go with dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate has more cocoa solids than milk chocolate, making it richer and more flavoursome.

Chocolate is usually used in cakes because it adds moisture and richness. It also helps to keep the cake soft and tender.

Is Chocolate Gluten-Free?

Most chocolate is naturally gluten-free, although some brands contain wheat derivatives. So when purchasing chocolate, always check the label to ensure that it does not contain gluten.

Our Final Say

We hope that our list of some of the best gluten-free chocolate chia cakes has helped you hone in on the best ones suitable for your party or just solo eating.

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10 Gluten-Free Chocolate Chia Cake Recipes - Eatability (2024)
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